30Aug2014 – A Pretty Good Day

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A pretty good day for Liam.

A pretty good day for Liam.

Liam is finally starting to act like himself. I can use a couple more days like this! He was playing and carrying on conversations with us for most of the day. While he was still in a lot of pain when he was moved (understandably), when he was being still, this is what he looked like. He hasn’t acted this coherent in weeks!

The pleural effusion appears to have been causing a considerable amount of pain.  I was told by the nursing staff that the teenagers that require a chest tube find it fairly uncomfortable. Since Liam is only two, it is difficult for him to describe his discomfort to us; however, if this is how he is acting with a chest tube in, I am guessing that the pleural effusion must have been very discomforting.

A few more good days like this will be real progress.  We need his strength to be up for Round 2 Chemo starting on Sept 10, 2014.

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4 thoughts on “30Aug2014 – A Pretty Good Day

  1. So sweet! That video makes me so happy! It’s amazing to see the miraculous things that The Lord is doing through Liam!

  2. Wow, what a great thing to see! This makes me very happy. Praying for more days like this (and better) for Liam!

  3. Thank you for the updates. I check for them several times a day.

    Praying w/o ceasing. Liam is so very dear.


  4. This is wonderful news. Praying for comfort and continued progress for this precious baby. The updates are much appreciated.

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