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(I have moved this item to the *top menu* so that it will be easy to find. I will continue to update it as we build our network of helpers/ need categories.)


I know that many of you have asked how you can help out our family in this very overloaded and confusing time for us.  (In many things we are not totally sure how we can be helped yet!)

I did want to pass along contact information fop those wanting to help with food.

  •  Food / Meal Coordination for Harris Household (To avoid duplication, or multiple meals arriving at the same time)
    • Contact: Eyde Buxbaum  –  buxbaumedye@gmail.com
    • Anyone can participate- Eyde has the details (and she is extremely nice to work with)

3 thoughts on “Harris Logistics

  1. Fred, may I suggest you create and put on your blog/ Facebook the following. It is a lot easier that contacting someone else and overwhelming that person.

  2. http://www.takethemameaal.com is similar to the other site, I think. A couple of other recommendations would be to possibly have an ice chest set out on your front porch for people to place the meals in during drop off (so that you’re not burdened with having to open the door & socialize everyday, which can be difficult, esp when Liam is back home and not having a good day), and in the notes on the website, put in a range of time when you needs meals delivered, i.e. btwn 4:30 and 5 pm, and your families food likes/dislikes or allergies. We did that with a couple of other friends that I set up a “Take Them a Meal” site for. You probably have you hands full, and if you prefer, I can just email Eyde regarding what has worked really well in the past for other peds onc family friends that we’ve set up meals for. Keeping you all in our thoughts. xoxo

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